Monday, August 23, 2010


Drive to our second home, Lancaster, Pa Thursday, Fri Mattee goes to Philly to get Dave to finish the color on his back, Sat cookout, Sun Keith and I take the train to NYC for bff tatt day, Mon drive straight over to my aunt's lake house in Mi for the rest of the week for some family R&R.
Thurs we drive! Get there in the eve just in time to see Kris and the kids, pet Meemzer dog, get some gifts from Ben woohoo!
Fri Chanelle, Mattee, Myself, and the two kids drive to Dave's new studio. Oh yeah we can find our way outta here and into the city no problem. We made it Past the city, twice, before we got it right and get into the city. We ask like ten people how to get to the piazza from South St. No one who's in Philly is FROM Philly of course! Anyway we get to the piazza, it only took us an hour and a half! Hahaha. Yeah, girls we're just finding a place to park, hahaha. So we made it and even had time enough to eat, shop a little, and the girls got to run around and pet a hundred puppies before Mattee was done getting tatted. Lesson of the day: If you have a blackberry whose gps is not that accurate, follow the map not the written directions, duh.
Sat- cookout with our peeps! drinks, food, kids, dogs...thats how we rolll
Sun- 6am-ish Keith and I awake, as much as is possible, to catch the train to NYC. We get to our scheduled destination, only to find out that, due to communication mishap, we will not be getting tattooed today, but are welcome to hang out and barbeque. We hung out for a bit, where I loved on a sweet puppy! I kinda wish we'd done more of that but we instead decided we'd go walk around Brooklyn a little. We first checked out Dan Santorio and wife's new store Black Gold, a sweet spot with records, coffee, taxidermied animals and other antiquey randomness, then quickly came to the conclusion that we came to get tattooed we're gonna just get some matching lil skulls or something. We contacted a few tattooers and decided to go see Keith's friend Crag, who owns Hand of Glory so we go and find him at his new shop, The End is Near. We hung out with Crag and Joey Wilson for awhile, then got matching lil skulls on our legs from Joey, Keith grabbed some ribs they'd been smoking all day, which I am told were delectable, then out to grab some awful falafel (delicious) and catch our train. We soon realize that we had missed our train and it was the last train of the night to Lanc. We'll go to Philly, get a hotel, cab to Olde City, say whassup to Joey Knucks then cab it to Silk City, the best mac and cheese and Yuengling drafts to ever fuck up our guts! Morning train to Lanc to see the fam breakfast at Onions of course, with Kris and her crew. Lesson for the day: READ your train tickets NO MATTER what the lady who sold em to you told ya. haha
Long, Long drive to Michigan. Meet Mary, Mom, Isaac, and Lauren, plus Chocolate the Clough old dog. Next four days we fished in between and while boating, canoeing, jet skiing, crosswords, hammocking, firepit, cooking, eating, board games, reading, fishing, and more fishing.
Couldn't be a more perfect vacation.

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  1. haha!!!"we're just finding a place to park"....favorite line of the day....two hours later we find a wicked spot right infront of the piazza.wowzers.what a day.i think my face hurt from laughing so much...thank god there were no cops around..."i'm from outta town officer"HAHAHA!!!!